High-Quality Skin Care, Made In Germany

Experience the timeless essence of our indie skin care, where family tradition meets innovation. Since 1949, we’ve created a skin care company dedicated to restoring and maintaining happy, heathy-looking skin. By combining the best of science with nature, we produce skin care solutions for every skin condition.

Personalized Routine, Happy Skin.

A regimen plays an essential role for skin health by helping address concerns, and achieving optimal results. Our product lines target specific concerns, provide nourishment, and increase vitality of your unique skin.

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In this blog Verena Eckstein shares the expert knowledge of her family on physiological skin care of more than 70 years. Gain insights and learn valuable tips about skincare and wellness.

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Turmeric For The Skin

Turmeric began its triumphal march through Europe in the 18th century as the main ingredient in curry powder. It was the English who brought turmeric ...
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Why Antioxidants Are Amazing

Antioxidants are almost like celebrities: everyone knows them or at least has heard of them. We find them in everyday life, we can ingest antioxidants...
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How to Have Healthy-Looking, Stunning Nails

You and I have it in our hands how comfortable our nails feel with us. As resistant as they often appear - after all, they consist of up to 150 irreg...
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Help! What Is This? Why Do I Have Blemished Skin?

Many people make an unpleasant acquaintance with skin impurities throughout their lives. When we talk about it, we usually talk about "pimples ." But ...
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SINCE 1949.
Doctor Eckstein®, Pioneers in Advanced Skincare.

Leveraging generations of expertise, our advanced skincare uses pioneering research and breakthrough formulations. Experience exceptional results and unveil your best skin with our innovative solutions.

An Indie Brand, Since 1949

As an independent, family-owned and operated company, our only focus is making sure you have happy skin. We personally lead all essential steps from research and development to finished product.


Science-Driven Formulas

Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Our innovative use of research-proven ingredients in our original, unique formulations sets us apart.

Made in germany

Made In Germany

From our dedicated research and development team, to our manufacturing facility in the lush region of Oberasbach, Germany, we embrace the highest standards in the skincare industry. This includes not only a committed focus on quality, but also sustainability.


Biocompatible & Targeted Ingredients

We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best. That includes using targeted ingredients that are high-quality, pure, and biocompatible. Our skin-friendly formulas are dermatologically lab tested.