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Designed for Men. Loved by Everyone.

For today’s active, modern man, every minute has meaning. Doctor Eckstein understands this. Our MEN shaving and skin care line helps you look your best - efficiently and effectively - so you can focus on what matters most. Our scientifically formulated skin care and shaving products use select natural ingredients that help you put your best face forward every day, at any age.

As a comprehensive system of care, MEN includes five products that provide essential skin and beard care with moisturizing, revitalizing, and nourishing ingredients. Its subtle fragrance – based on earthy tones with a fresh hint of citrus – makes it compatible with your every day cologne. Our MEN products are vegan and work together for optimum results for all skin types, including for impure, irritated or sensitive skin. MEN products are also sized for mobility. At 100 ml, they are perfect travel mates.

Skin Care Flow – MEN

Five essentials for skin, beard and shaving with moisture and vitalizing, protective active ingredients. The uncomplicated all-round care is completed by the new Shaving Gel, which replaces the Shaving Cream. The practical tube is an ideal companion in all situations.

1. Cleanse
Shower using warm water and MEN SHOWER GEL. This prepares the skin for a more efficient shave.
Tip: Include the beard if applicable; lather and rinse thoroughly.

2. Prime
Apply MEN SHAVING OIL to ensure a smoother shave and to protect the skin against irritation.
Tip: Include the beard if applicable; distribute oil evenly in the beard for all-day protection.

3. Shave
Distribute evenly the intensely nourishing, non-foaming MEN Shaving Gel for an ultra-smooth, flawless shave. For best results and greatest comfort, shave with care using a sharp razor. After shaving, rinse the face thoroughly with cold water, clean the razor.

4. Balance
Remove any remaining foam with a towel before applying MEN AFTER SHAVE BALM Absorbs quickly, calms and balances the skin.
Tip: If applicable, apply to groomed areas of the beard.

5. Nourish
Apply MEN 24H CREAM to face and neck both day and night for nourishing care.

Our Product Line MEN

MEN Shower Gel 100 ml
Item No. 7490
€ 12,80 *
100 ml (1 l = € 128,00)
MEN Shaving Oil 30 ml
Item No. 7491
€ 29,80 *
30 ml (1 l = € 993,33)
MEN Shaving Gel 100 ml
Item No. 7492
€ 15,80 *
100 ml (1 l = € 158,00)
MEN After Shave Balm 50 ml
Item No. 7493
€ 33,80 *
50 ml (1 l = € 676,00)
MEN 24 h Cream 50 ml
Item No. 7494
€ 42,80 *
50 ml (1 l = € 856,00)
Item No. 9490
€ 19,90 *
1 stk (1 stk = € 19,90)

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Tradition since 1949

Doctor Eckstein® has a strong tradition of innovation - since 1949. From day one, we’ve made it our purpose to emphasize true beauty through innovative and effective products that thoroughly nourish the skin.

Aus einer Hand

In family hands

As a quality-conscious family business, we personally oversee all essential steps from research and development - including selection of the finest ingredients - to finished product.

Made in germany

Made in germany

All of our products, whether for the domestic market or worldwide sales, are produced at our own facilities in Oberasbach, Germany.



We focus on sustainability and fairness towards our suppliers and partners around the world. This is good for our planet, products, and customers.



We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best.



To the greatest extent possible, we use natural raw materials–of highest grade–in our formulations and enhance them with select precious ingredients for proven effectiveness.

Herausragende Verträglichkeit

Superior compatibility

We test our products extensively, both in-house and at independent labs, to ensure skin compatibility - for even the most sensitive skin. With Doctor Eckstein®, ideal care is possible for everyone.



Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Our innovative use of active ingredients sets us apart as leaders in advanced skin care.