Combination, impure and oily are three skin conditions with several shared characteristics: the skin has lost its natural balance, become oily with a tendency for impurities. Our Doctor Eckstein® skin care system offers a highly individualized approach to all three conditions so your skin can regain its balance.

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What causes impurities?

The sebaceous gland in the hair follicle produces sebum that protects the skin and hair and keeps them supple. In blemished skin, however, too much sebum forms causing oily skin and problems with cornification leading to plugged pores. When the excess sebum cannot be released, it builds up and stretches the follicle.

Subsequently, the microbial flora changes resulting in redness and impurities. The root cause of excessive sebum formation is usually hormonal imbalance - often occurring in puberty, as well as in adulthood.

What can I do to alleviate impurities?

Cosmetic products are not able to remedy blemished skin caused by hormones. What they can do, however, is provide gentle support to alleviate blemishes at whatever age they may appear. The goal: to normalize the skin and restore its natural balance.

Of key importance is regular and thorough cleansing with mild products that continuously remove excess sebum. In addition to good home care, professional treatments can help achieve a clear complexion. Subsequent skin care steps are designed to reduce existing impurities and prevent new ones from forming.

During a flare up, a well-tolerated make-up or tinted cream can boost your self-image and restore confidence.

In addition to the daily skin care routine at home, special treatment in a cosmetics institute can be helpful for a clearer complexion.

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