Delicate skin and sensitive skin are two skin conditions with shared characteristics: Due to a loss of its natural balance, the skin feels dry, reacts to external stimuli with sensitivity and tends to redness. Our skin care system can be finely-tuned to the individual needs of each condition. The goal: to soothe the skin and restore its natural beauty.

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How does sensitive skin develop?

As the skin becomes rough and chapped, it reacts sensitively to external stimuli. Even minor chaffing, without visible signs, can enable foreign substances to engage the immune system. This acts as a trigger that, in some cases, can result in lifelong allergies. A second type of sensitive skin is characterized by low response threshold to stimuli. This skin type is prone to telangiectasia, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, perioral eczema or other skin conditions. These conditions may be latent and not exhibit visibly.

How do you soothe sensitive skin?

lf dryness is causing skin sensitivity, then a combination of lipids and soothing active ingredients will typically remedy the problem effectively. lf, however, sensitive skin is caused by something other than dryness, then we emphasize a skin care routine that strengthens, soothes and normalizes the skin's barrier. Sensitive Balance products are formulated to provide highest skin compatibility.

How do I deal with allergies?

Prepare a list of your allergens with a short description of your skin condition. A Doctor Eckstein® skin care professional or our Customer Care Service can provide product recommendations based on this information and individualized to your needs.

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Tradition since 1949

Doctor Eckstein® has a strong tradition of innovation - since 1949. From day one, we’ve made it our purpose to emphasize true beauty through innovative and effective products that thoroughly nourish the skin.

Aus einer Hand

In family hands

As a quality-conscious family business, we personally oversee all essential steps from research and development - including selection of the finest ingredients - to finished product.

Made in germany

Made in germany

All of our products, whether for the domestic market or worldwide sales, are produced at our own facilities in Oberasbach, Germany.



We focus on sustainability and fairness towards our suppliers and partners around the world. This is good for our planet, products, and customers.



We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best.



To the greatest extent possible, we use natural raw materials–of highest grade–in our formulations and enhance them with select precious ingredients for proven effectiveness.

Herausragende Verträglichkeit

Superior compatibility

We test our products extensively, both in-house and at independent labs, to ensure skin compatibility - for even the most sensitive skin. With Doctor Eckstein®, ideal care is possible for everyone.



Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Our innovative use of active ingredients sets us apart as leaders in advanced skin care.